Glint Side Table | Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

Glint Side Table | Mirror Polished Stainless Steel


Glint Side Table.

A truly unique and elegant piece of geometrically inspired furniture with a stunning mirrored metallic surface. Glint comes complete with a vessel for displaying your favourite bouquet of flowers or for serving your best-loved champagne. For use anytime of the day, indoors or outdoors. 

Fabricated from 95% recycled type 304 stainless steel, the elements are first cut by waterjet and then handcrafted together piece by piece. It is then masterfully buffed to a perfect mirror finish on every single surface.

Hidden logo detail underneath the removable lid and vessel.

Hidden logo detail floor protectors.

Includes removable vessel for flowers | champagne | you choose


Dimensions:  H452mm L712mm
Main tray dia.350mm                      
Small tray dia.233mm
Weight: 10.6kg

Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel type 304.


Mirror polished stainless steel finishes should be cleaned using a professional stainless steel cleaner or a professional glass|window cleaning spray (such as, Invisible Glass Premium, or a similar product) and wiped with a clean, dry cloth (such as, Comfit Microfibre Mirror + Window cleaning cloths, or a similar product).

Do not use circular motions when polishing.

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